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Imagine being able to set up a flourishing passive income stream within a few hours. An income stream which gives you on-going income every day, week and month. You can, with "5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)", because...

If you're a traditional writer, you're selling yourself too cheaply

According to Writer's Digest, most writers make less than $5000 a year. If you're in this position, you could be making much more, by using your words to develop passive income streams.

The Web has opened a whole new world, a world that's built on information and WORDS. As a writer, you've got immense leverage when it comes to the Web -- because the Web is words and ideas. What if you could turn your words and ideas into Web sites -- many Web sites, each of which was earning money for you?
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

Think you can't create a Web site? Is it too "techy"?

Many writers shy away from creating Web sites... it's too techy, too complex, and you just want to write. This is short-sighted. It keeps you in the rate-per-hour salt mines. Even if you're making $200 an hour, as many Web writers do, you're still trading your time, which is finite, for an income. When you write for someone else, he gets the benefit of your words' income.

Create simple Web sites and make money 24x7x365

A small simple site can begin earning money for you very quickly. As a rule of thumb, if you've created a site in an area in which there are advertisers you can start earning five to ten dollars a day per site very quickly.

Now $10 a day isn't much.

But what if you had ten sites all earning $10 day? That's $100 a day, which is $36,500 a year, just from ten simple sites. What if you had 20 such sites, all earning you $10 a day - or even more - in fact, some sites will earn you $100 a day?

You can see that creating sites can become very profitable quickly, and the great benefit is that it's easy.

Why YOU should create fast Web sites for passive income streams

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It's very profitable;
It's easy...
Any writer can do it, even beginning writers;
It's (mostly) free...
It's cheap. Most of the tools you need are free. Just about the only expenses you have are buying a domain name ($10) and buying hosting ($10 or so a month for unlimited sites). Alternatively, you can get everything for FREE... Weebly, for example, lets you host TEN free, but totally professional, websites on one account;
You already have the skills...
As a writer, you have skills that parlay directly into creating Web sites - it's very much like writing a series of articles; AND
The biggest benefit - ongoing passive income...
Money in your bank account all year round. Over the years, I've created hundreds of sites. Many of these sites, I've never touched after I set them up.

Creating sites is easy and a lot of fun, and very lucrative. I know several people with 100 sites, and one maniac who has 600 sites, so this build-a-site-and-monetize-it way of making money online is well known.

Passive income, and why it's important to your lifestyle and that of your family

Let's talk about the benefit of passive income.

The benefit of a passive income stream is that you write something once, and it makes money for you for years.

So you can write a Web site, put it online, and the Web site earns you money. If you ever wish to sell a site you can. Sites sell for multiples of yearly earnings, and sometimes for much more.

Introducing… "5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)"

Fast Websites
"5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)" shows you how to start creating your own empire of passive income streams. Creating Web sites is the PERFECT write-from-home business. Many writers are creating sites, and now you can too.
Here's what you'll learn in "5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)":

* Create Web sites and make money 24x7, every day of the year

* Domain names - money-making Web addresses and how to get them

* Your money-making Web site must offer solutions

* Creating money-making sites from your passions

* Got a topic? Great! Now let's go get a domain name!

* Your new site's host: a home on the Web, for one site you own, or for many

* Which Web Host will you choose?

* How much should you spend on Web hosting?

* Free Sites - Why Pay For Domain Names And Site Hosting, When You Can Get Them For Free? The beginners' option

* Simple Sales Pages And Other One-Page Sites: Easy To Create And Maintain

* The easiest way to promote any site - articles and more

Here's what writers say about "5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)"

I've made more money in these past eight weeks than I made in three years of writing…
Ray E.
I've been encouraging my students to create websites for YEARS…
"I just want to say thank you to Angela for her help and guidance. I've made more money in these past eight weeks than I made in three years of writing. To be honest, I was nervous creating my first site, but 5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages) provided all the help I needed, and Angela and Julia answered my questions promptly and kindly."
Ray E. USA
"I was writing articles, and not making much. Angela suggested that I create complete sites for my clients instead, and gave me 5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages) to play with. To date, I've created six sites, and have orders for another six. I charge between $350 and $900 per site, depending on whether it's personal or business. Now I want to create sites of my own. Thanks Angela -- you've changed the way I think and work. :-)"
Penny W. UK

"I retired in June of 2012. Writing was my dream... Angela suggested I create websites to make a little money while writing my book. She asked me to try out 5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages) -- could I follow instructions? I could and did. Two sites. A local eatery and hair salon. As always, Angela delivers."
Russ H. NZ

What's included in: 5 Minutes To Fast Websites (Cash From Webpages)

Create a Five-Minute, Money-Making Website
PDF, 7 pages, tutorial
Learn the ONE simple strategy which you can use to build your own empire of money-making, passive income websites FAST.

Want to create a website in 5 minutes? You can.

This is the strategy I teach my students, because it scales. Build one site, or many, super-fast.
fast websites
Super-Fast Money-Making Web Sites For Writers: Join The Web-Publishing Bonanza
PDF, 32 pages, guide.

From the guide:

Making money from a web site is cumulative, and it tends to double with each month. So a site which is making you $5 a day in Month One, can potentially be making you $160 a day at the end of the sixth month.

However, you do need to promote the site for this exponential growth in income to take place. If you’re happy at $10 per day per site without much promotion, that’s fine too. So, although site-creation is easy, you’ve got to DO IT.
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WordPress: From Go to Whoa
3 PDFs, 170 pages.

Whether you're new to WordPress, or are a WordPress pro, this package of WordPress guides gives you complete control of your websites.

Do you NEED WordPress to build websites? No, you don't. Many of my most successful sites are built in other Web publishing tools. However, WordPress does have advantages if you want to build membership sites, or online stores.

These guides show you the way, when you're ready.

Yes, there's more... You receive TWO amazing bonuses, AND coaching too

My **CRAPPY** Website Sold For Over $1,000 on eBay and How YOU Can Do It Too!
PDF, 16 pages, special report

Here's how someone makes money selling websites on eBay. The benefit of eBay is that it's an entire ecosystem. You can make it work for you.

Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting
PDF, 60 pages, copywriting for the Web

These days, every Web writer needs copywriting skills. You receive my powerful and practical Web copywriting guide to help you to mastery.

Everything you need to build FAST, 5-minute websites, and create your own Web publishing empire

If you can write, you can make money. I've included everything you need for you to build your own passive income streams, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

There's NO technical skills required. If you can use a word processor, you can build your own empire of websites.

How much is this program worth to you? Consider that you can not only build your own sites, to create income, you can create sites for others too… in five minutes.

When you're creating websites, an idea, and five minutes, can change your life.

Let's get started...

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