Create Your Personal Blog Step-By-Step: Brilliant Tips for Beginners

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Probably, everyone will agree that blogging is becoming extremely popular in the modern world. People look for sources of information where facts are presented in a compelling and unusual way. They want to enjoy themselves while reading articles but not to get bored in several minutes, as it sometimes happens when we are reading news.

Blogs are a perfect way to become famous as well. There are hundreds of the Internet celebrities nowadays. They actually gain popularity only thanks to their articles or videos, but are appreciated as much as pop singers and have huge fan armies.

A big part of school and college students may dream about such lot. That is why they try to start their own blogs too. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail until they realize what they should start with. So, they just waste their time and may encounter huge disappointment.

Luckily, the solution exists! We have prepared several wonderful tips based on the experience of our successful bloggers.

Learn Some Things Before You Start

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Sure, writing cool articles is very important and you must work a lot on the improvement of your skills, as we mentioned in the previous article. However, that is only a part of your job. Take this fact into account if you decide to quit your full-time job and make blogging your main activity.

If you expect to get an income which is enough for living, you will have to analyze lots of things before you start and create a certain plan of actions. Do not forget that it is better not to quit your job until you are sure that you will cope with blogging. Experienced people, who run their personal websites, advise to try to do this activity for several months and then make a final decision.

  • It is vital to understand how much time your blog will take per day. It may be one hour or you can work on it 24/7. It mostly depends on your workplace, other interests and some house duties. Anyway, you should have a certain schedule. Indicate when it is the most comfortable for you to work on your website. Try to make it a regular habit, as it is essential to publish articles from time to time and show your audience that you update your blog promptly.
  • On the other side, it is very significant to know how much your website will cost. Although many people think that it is expensive, you will need to pay only for a domain name and web hosting at first. However, this is a small sum in most cases.
  • Furthermore, you should get aware of the typical terms which exist in the blogging sphere. They should be clear for you. It is a pity when a beginner is confused by some unfamiliar phrases. So, it is better to cope with this issue beforehand.

Select a General Theme for Your Blog

This is one more important thing without which you cannot become a good blogger. Sure, you will discuss different subjects and issues. However, they should be related to each other.

So, it is vital to choose a certain theme for your blog. For example, you can run a website about cooking. However, it does not mean that you can publish only recipes there. It is possible to provide your own opinion on various problems linked to this topic, describe different cultures and their attitude to food, and interview people who are famous in this sphere. Keep in mind that your topic needs to be interesting for you first of all. It is much more important than following fashionable trends and trying to attract the audience.

Know the Main Audience

Of course, you have to know your audience perfectly and understand its tastes clearly. In this way, you will be able to choose the right style of writing, the best topics and other features. You should monitor your readers and take into account their responses and suggestions. Although your personal interests play a major role, you should never forget that you run a public blog which should be interesting for other people as well. In addition, if you want to make money with your website, you should pay attention to gaining more subscribers and higher rates.

Pick a Platform

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There are actually two main types of platforms for blogs: free and paid. You should choose one of them for your site, but be careful and think well. Experienced bloggers claim that it is better to try your skills on a free platform in order to save money in case you may understanding that this activity is not for you. So, you should start with this and then decide if you like blogging or it is too difficult for you.

Do not forget that there are several disadvantages which such free platforms have. You will barely control your blog and it may be even closed in case you break their rules. Sure, there is a certain limit of the size of uploaded images, videos, and other files. In addition, you will not be able to create a specific design on your site as only standard themes will be available. Hence, you will lose lots of possibilities of promoting your blog, because these free platforms are not appropriate in case you want to undertake it all seriously.

Create a Wonderful Design for Your Blog

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It is very important to create an exciting design for your blog. However, you should keep in mind that good does not mean too colorful, bright, and tiring for readers’ eyes. It is much better to prefer simple forms and light tones. It will attract the audience even more than any animated images or abstract pictures. In case you are not familiar with web design, you should ask a professional for help. Do not forget to check this person’s portfolio before ordering him or her services.

All in all, it is not an easy task to create a brilliant blog. It demands a lot of efforts but the profit may be incredible as well. Do not forget that these are only the starting points on the way to success. You will probably meet dozens of challenges and difficulties. The main point is to overcome them and continue to head on.

In the next article, we will help you to choose the best topics for students’ blogs and explain which things are better to avoid.

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