5 Minutes to Writing to Sell

Got five minutes? Use your spare minutes to set up income streams which pay off for you for years…
  • Make money from your words over and over again: Set up your own mini income streams in minutes;
  • Love to shop? Recommend products to others: Get paid for your opinions;
  • Turn website traffic into income: Make money 365 days a year.
You’re a writer, so others make money from your words. You’re turning your hours into dollars, and you’ll never get those hours back. Fight back. Set up your own mini passive income streams with affiliate marketing.

Hi Fellow Writer

Like me, you love to write. However, much of your time is taken up with projects you write for others. You complete your projects, you’re paid, and that’s the end of that.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m in favor of you getting paid more than once for your words.

You’ve got skill, talent, and creativity. Too many writers spend their careers using their gifts for others. It’s time to create some little income streams you can set up in minutes, which will make money for you for months, if not years.

Let’s look at how you do that.

Review, recommend and earn: turn your spare minutes into cash

I’m sure you’ve heard of affiliate marketing. It’s a three billion dollar industry. Some people make nice incomes, while “super” affiliates make superb incomes. For many writers, promoting affiliate products is just a way to add little cash windfalls to brighten up your days.

Brenda, a writing colleague, began setting up little affiliate income streams in 2004. She says: “In 2004, I gave up teaching because of a stress-related illness. I decided that I’d create webpages, just to see what happened. For around three months, I created five webpages a day. That was in the heyday of AdSense income. I used AdSense on some of my pages, but usually I promoted affiliate products — it was the best thing I ever did.”

In 2006, she went to work for a Web marketing company. However, she still creates promotions for affiliate products; it’s a hobby which is both fun and profitable.

Affiliate marketing is fun and profitable, if you love to write

Over the years, I’ve created many websites which promote affiliate products.

Some of the promotions I set up in minutes and haven’t looked at since. However, many of them still make money for me. I don’t bother tracking any of those sites, it’s just a nice surprise when the money shows up.

Do what I do — turn five minutes into windfall cash

We writers are a nosy bunch, and we enjoy learning… and shopping.

Think about items you’ve purchased over the last few months. In our household, we’re replaced our washer and dryer, and we’ve bought a fancy barbecue and outdoor furniture.

If I wanted to, I could write a short article about our lawn furniture, add a couple of affiliate links from Amazon, and wait for some sales. Over the next week or two, I could add another couple of articles, with some photos of our new furniture taken while we had some friends over.

Would I make sales? Yes. Because the website I’m adding it to already gets traffic.

Could YOU do this?

I’m sure you could. Anyone could. You just need something to write about — something you, a friend, or someone else has bought, an opinion, and five minutes to write it.

Just add your affiliate links, and you’ll make money when someone buys.

How much money could you make? If you’re adding Amazon affiliate links, Amazon doesn’t pay much. On the other hand, it’s quick and easy. Over time, even small affiliate payments mount up.

Alternatively, you could look for affiliate products which are more profitable, so you make a higher commission on each sale. It’s up to you: you can make as much money as you want to make.

Introducing — 5 Minutes to Writing to Sell: Affiliate Marketing for Writers

  • Discover little affiliate commissions, and BIG commissions: Choose what you want to promote, according to where you want to promote the product(s). If you’ve got a website or blog, you can turn that site into a money-maker in minutes;
  • The ONE big secret you must know to choose profitable products: Over the years, I’ve learned that while some products sell, others don’t. There’s a trick to picking products which sell well. This one secret can ensure that you get hundreds of extra dollars into your bank account each month;
  • How to choose keywords to get found, and make sales: Learn the simple keyword tips and tricks to increase your traffic, and increase your sales. You can turn almost any product into a big seller with keyword magic;
  • How to make constant improvements: If you can make $100 a month, you can make $500 a month from your affiliate commissions… And if you can make $500 a month, you can make $5000 a month. Discover how to use five minutes to great effect;
  • Traffic secrets you must know:The more traffic, the more money. You’ll discover FREE and easy ways to get all the traffic you need, to steadily increase your affiliate income.

Here’s what’s included in this program

You receive everything you need to become an expert affiliate marketer, so you can turn your spare 5 minutes into cash.

5 Minutes to Writing to Sell: Affiliate Marketing for Writers
2 PDFs: a quick guide, and a step by step tutorial.

How to set up your affiliate promotions quickly and easily. We’re focusing on speed. Once you know how this is done, five minutes is all you need to start promoting a new product.

Complete Affiliate Rockstar
PDF guide, plus NINE videos

These videos are short, but they’re comprehensive. Watch how the experts select and promote.

I’ve been promoting affiliate products for many years, but I’ve learned a lot that’s completely new to me… and will increase my profits.

Included videos:

*How to choose products which are easy to promote;

* Quick research;

* Spying on your competition;

* Free traffic.

Comprehensive Traffic Secrets Guide
2 PDF guides, WITH a mini-site

To get clicks on your affiliate links, and make sales, you need traffic.

These guides are a complete resource. They’re packed with easy to use FREE traffic methods. Whether you already have a site or not, you’ll learn the secrets of the top marketers.

Easy and powerful — even if you’re a new writer, you’ll learn a lot from this. If you’re an established writer, this program will help you to increase your traffic, AND your sales, of everything you do — get better writing jobs, and if you’re selling ebooks, sell more copies,

BONUS: This package comes with a mini-site, so you can sell this package if you wish.

What early users of this program have said…

“The first website I created got traffic, but was hard to monetize. Angela said that I should be able to use the traffic to promote affiliate products. Now thanks to “Affiliate Marketing for Writers”, my ‘useless’ site made $340 last month.” Peta R. UK

“I”m writing ebooks, but my father’s illness means I work on the family farm and have less time to write. Angela asked me to test “Affiliate Marketing for Writers”. My wife took over. I’m setting up sites on Weebly (free), she’s finding products, and we’re both writing about them… we’ve already made sales. My wife couldn’t believe that she could write an article, and make $46, without selling anything… just writing.” Barron M. USA

“I’ve got a blog. My first afternoon with the new program, I added affiliate links. That night I made my first sale. This would have to be the easiest program Angela’s ever created.” Reese V. USA

As always, you receive bonus coaching with this program

I want this program to WORK for you. Therefore you receive free coaching. Coaching is via email. Half an hour of coaching is included. This is a $150 value.

Turn 5 minutes into on-going, passive income

Got a website or blog? You can make it work for you… in 5 minutes.

This program is powerful. I’ve included everything you need, whether you’re a new writer, or a pro.

Over 12 months, you can add to your writing income, without working hard… Just use your spare minutes, and turn them to profit.

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Must-have FREE software if you’re on a Windows machine

If you’re on a Windows machine, life can get complicated, especially when you download videos, as this program does.

You may not have problems, but if you do…

If you’re on Windows, and have problems, I encourage you to download and install the following software.

It’s FREE software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus

* Unzip — free

* A free PDF reader
Foxit Reader

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player

If you’re using a Mac, you’ll be fine — your Mac already has all the software you need…

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