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Discover how to make money writing, in 5 minute sessions - listen, and watch

5 minute writing tips

Hi fellow writer

We’re all pushed for time these days, so I’ve launched Angela Booth’s 5 Minute Writing Tips - writing tips you can listen to and watch.

Each week, along with the Fab Freelance Writing Ezine, there’s now a free audio writing tip, which is around five minutes long. Listen at your computer, or on your MP3 player. You can even burn the tips to CD, and listen to them in your car. No time to listen? Not a problem. There’s a transcript you can scan.

Listen to writing tips.

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However, some writing tips are hard to explain, even with sound, so now there's video too.

Angela Booth’s 5 Minute Writing Tips on Video

Angela Booth’s 5 Minute Writing Tips on Video

When a writing process needs to be explained in show and tell fashion, I'll create a video so you'll see exactly how something works.

Watch writing tips.

I hope you enjoy the tips, and that they will boost your writing career.

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Many writers have started their careers with the money-making writing tips they receive completely free in Fab Freelance Writing Ezine each week.

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