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Creativity is an extremely powerful thing. It dares ruin stereotypes and establish new patterns in very different spheres of human life and activity. Directing its potential energy towards the right target can bring incredible results! But where on earth does it take its roots from? Here we are to find it out!

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Creativity is one of those qualities we all are born with by default. However, it is another question whether we realize it.

In recent years, when the issue of creative thinking and intellect in general has acquired increasing significance, I have come across a number of accusations directed against some standard requirements for writing school essays and doing various projects.

Among the opponents of outdated teaching programs and methods there were some prominent educators who claimed that schools literally killed students’ creativity with such requirements. What is more, it was highlighted that they appeared not to correspond with what the reality demands from those students when they came to colleges or jobs.

So, the issue is obvious. Behind the walls of schools and HEIs we are expected to be creative, but we are not taught or rather explained what on earth creativity means.

In addition, titles of numerous bestsellers are stuffed with this word (or its synonyms), making us, mere mortals, seriously deem that creativity is a must-have no one can live a normal life without. However, after I looked through some of such books, it seemed to me that they just tell the same commonplace things with different words. Pardon me if I happen to hurt your preferences.

That was actually the reason why I decided to investigate what is so special and vitally important about creativity in the modern world. This issue became the basis of my research project and later of my master’s degree paper. I was happy to work on it together with my college friends who took different courses, including even Cybernetics. And once it occurred to us that we could launch a website dedicated to the issues we were studying.

So, here are our achievements, which we would like to share with everyone who is searching for the real-life definition of creativity and practical ways to develop it. Let’s see what you can find in our blog!

Creative Thinking

Where and How to Apply Creativity in Practice

What does theory worth without practice? From our research and personal experience you will learn:

  • essentials of creative thinking and artistry in general;
  • how to develop your innate uniqueness;
  • how to train yourself to think outside the box;
  • why it is worth applying creative approach in your study (even if you study Nuclear Physics);
  • what careers look for people who can generate original ideas.

How to Develop Your Writing Talent and Why

These days writing proves one of the most effective ways of self-expression. Check why you can manage it either:

  • find out more about genres, styles, and techniques;
  • learn to select and use the most suitable writing strategies, depending on what your task is;
  • check the examples and ideas to base your own works on;
  • consider blogging and self-publishing as the main fields for you to try your skills out.

How to Be a Creative and Inventive Interlocutor

Nothing can go without communication. So, obviously, we want it to be effective and successful:

  • learn to distinguish different styles of communication;
  • discover the laws of brilliant and memorable presentation and speech;
  • find solutions for communicative conflicts;
  • learn to tame the power of the Word.

How to Determine Your Potentials and Priorities

You will discover new facets of your personality during your whole happy life. So, if you are reading a book which tells you how to find yourself here and now, you’d better close it. We are going to tell you:

  • that you should try yourself out in different spheres of activity;
  • how and where to look for opportunities;
  • how to make personal choices even if someone considers them wrong;
  • how to analyze your experience and make helpful conclusions.

Plus Many Other Interesting Tips and Solutions

Also, we would like to share our observations and experience. We are going to follow the world tendencies and provide you with the freshest reviews. You will be the first to know about the latest innovations and discoveries!

Follow our updates and believe in your creative self!